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Cindy Sandy: Christ is the signature of my music

Cindy Sandy has had a wonderful experience, though murky, traversing the world of Gospel music which she says requires thick skin. She has powerful vocals with which, apart from gracing them over the mic, sings with every Sunday in church. She is an ardent born-again member of the praise and worship team at Integrity Church in Eldoret. Just a year ahead of her career, the University of Eldoret student is already putting up a signature in a tune everyone is going to dance to. Sam Oduor interrogates how amazing this turns out to be.

I just watched one of your videos and am impressed to get down on this with you, so what is the inspiration?

Well, ever since I was in highschool, I have been a saved Christian. I chose to sing Gospel because I wanted this Christ, whom I am proud of, to be known to all nations.

Cindy Sandy during the shooting of her first video. Photo– Cindy

Enhe! When did you make a debut into your music career?

That was in March 2020. I did two songs with the help of my producer Charles Otieno from Cortis Records in Eldoret. He did tremendous work, by the way, in helping me record Gharama and Mikononi.

How did you team up with your producer, Charles Otieno, then?

I can say it is God’s working. l approached him in his studio and we struck a deal. He let me audition my vocals, yeah, that is it. And before everything he reminded me to pray before recording.

Finances is a crucial part for recording and producing music, how did you fund your first two songs?

l used to have a desire of recording my own song. I had been with Sei Sisters for a very long time and my love for music had really grown. So l started saving and by last year I had raised sh 12,000, good enough to start me off. My family and friends also supported me a great deal on the finances.

Well, tell me more about Gharama na Mikononi, what are the songs about and did you write them by yourself, and what inspired their production?

Gharama is my own composition, passing a message to the world that you’ll never have something  you desire unless you sacrifice. Mikononi kwa Yesu, I am sure you’ve listened to it before from tenzi za rohoni, has really helped me during the Covid-19 pandemic when everything seemed not to work well for everyone in this country, or rather the whole world. That was my daily anthem before going to bed ‘mapenzi yanilinda sina hofu kamwe‘.

I used to tell myself that many people would like to know that Christ’s love is unconditional so I decided to pass it to our generation in a different version. I also wrote that myself.

Wow that is incredible. In total how many songs have you done?

Three singles and several collabos. Very soon I am hitting the airwaves with Emmah Favoured from Kisumu.

How soon?

Ahahaha just wait for it.

A moment shot from Cindy's edited video. Video– Cindy

I can’t wait already. What challenges should other rising Gospel artists expect that you have experienced?

Getting a fan base in Gospel is not an easy thing. I appreciate secular artists because they lift each other but with my Gospel counterparts, it is a different thing. When you are in my kind of career, expect people to judge you based on your lifestyle choices. Also getting money out of Gospel music is a challenge.

What’s that unique element of your music one wouldn’t find with any other Gospel artist?

God graces everyone in a  unique way. l won’t answer this question because I may not know myself properly. My fans will help me answer.

Your opinion about secular music, is it worth God’s grace?

Remember Gospel artists and secular artists were both created by God. We were all gifted by God in different ways, so l won’t judge if they are losing God’s grace. But it depends with what they want to pass to the world. Moreso, the bible says we all fall short of His glory, so their time will definitely come

Where do we see you by the end of this year?

Very far, just as Jeremiah 33 :1 says, ‘Call unto me’, trusting God for a bigger testimony.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your music career?

Freedom of movement and showcasing talent was barred due to Covid-19 containment measures. Moreso, it did cause financial constraints on my part.

As a gospel artist and worship member in your church, do you sometimes perform your own songs?

Yes I do, it is one way of worshipping God.

What has been the highest and lowest moment of your career?

My highest moment was knowing that God has seen me through my music career though still young but he has always made a way where there seems to be no way. My lowest moment was the notion people have that in being an artist one is automatically rich. For me, it is a journey. At times you’ll find some requesting for financial aid. Also, those musicians who pirate on other’s music are really demoralizing.

Who was your biggest inspiration in your childhood days that really gave a way to your career?

I thank God for my mum, she is my inspiration number one. My CU teacher at Lukhuna Primary Boarding too and the teachers at Topmark Academy who encouraged me to lead in singing on parade are all my inspiration. My CU patron in highschool Mr Solomon whom, together with the leadership of the whole school, chose me as the leader of praise and worship. The list is endless.

Cindy poses for a photo. Photo– Cindy

If given a chance, which renown Gospel artist would you like to meet and why?

Evelyn wanjiru from Kenya, Sei Sisters (my best friends) and Sisters na Deborah Lukalu from the DRC (my favorite ministers). And my prayer is one day I’ll have to work with them and like them by God’s grace and favor.

When writing your songs, how do you decide on the topic and sound of the song?

Wow, I get a revelation from God. Mostly when I am asleep, the verses will flow, so I wake up and write as it’s been brought to me. Moreso, my daily life occurrences is an inspiration too.

What else do you do apart from singing?

I am a student and a minister of God’s word through music.

Your advice to upcoming gospel artists?

Do what brings glory to God. Above all adhere to humility honesty in every undertakings. If in a position, mentor young upcoming artists. Above all, prayer, prayer, prayer, surpasses all. Let them not lean on human understanding.

Your favorite fruit and your best color?

An apple. Blue and white are my name colors.

Lastly, tell us if you are seeing someone or are you single?

Am single since God’s timing is the best. Note am a student too, hahaha.

Where can your fans find you on social media?

On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all as Cynthia Wabombah.

Cindy is now underway a collabo with a major musician from Kisumu, which will be blazing before the year ends. She says this year gonna be a different one for her as she pushes through the Kenyan gospel music industry.

Dennis Inzai: Musician flaunting lavish lifestyle on social media. Can’t pay sh 600 promotion fee

Living up to your standards would come up well easy for you as it would sound like ‘be yourself’. If you can ‘fake it till you make it’, don’t overdo it to the extent of conning your way around.

Dennis Inzai alias Golden Perfect Classic, is boiling in hot soup after the Internet blew up to him adamantly and rudely refusing to pay sh 600 that was on him after he was featured in an article explaining his music career and future prospects.

The controversial artist, who claims to sing anything between RnB and Afro Pop, is lavish and always flaunting lucrative business deals, and proud of managing a music tag labelled GCB; but would rather die than settle a sh 600 debt he swore he would.

Photo | Golden Perfect, Facebook

In the latest discovery, the musician misled his fans through posters into thinking that he would be hosted in interviews with two leading media stations in the country, only to turn out a scheme for cheap popularity.

The musician has also been sharing edited video clips claiming to be hosted in mainstream radio shows such as Mambo Mseto on Radio Citizen, which turns out to be a misinformation.

In his latest interview with Lugari Daily, the artist is accused of providing misleading information including how he was supported by a local politician, to his near endeavors in making a collabo with a major artist.

Him tagging political big wigs in his posters as to faking he is performing for them has been regarded as the crudest way of seeking attention and popularity.

His would-be fans have criticized him for lacking in social order, many advising him on the importance of sticking to one’s word.

“Nita-unfollow yeye YouTube, I cannot be supporting mtu hana ukweli. Golden Perfect lying to me was a mistake, honor or dishonor that commitment but you need to know people out here hustle for even 50 bob daily to make a living. Don’t take other people’s hustle for granted. In fact a hustle that promotes your brand how do you dishonor it? Come on, you have failed me,” one wrote.

Another one lectured him on the importance of living a simple life.


– Story by Sam Oduor

Jinsi Valentine’s huadhimishwa sehemu mbalimbali ulimwenguni

Siku ya wapendanao duniani, yaani Valentine’s Day kama inavyofahamika, imewadia. Aghalabu siku hii huadhimishwa kwa wapenzi kuvaa rangi nyekundu, kuzawadiana maua mekundu pamoja na zawadi na jumbe mbalimbali za heri njema.

Hata hivyo, sikukuu hii huadhimishwa kipekee katika maeneo mengine ulimwenguni. Tom Lutali amefanya utafiti kuhusu hili na kutuandalia makala.


Wananchi wa Argentina hawasherehekei Valentino Februari 14, ila ‘Wiki la Utamu’. Julai ndio mwezi ambao wapenzi hubadilishana mabusu na kupokea chokoleti na vitu vingine vitamu.


Nchini Ufilipino, siku ya Valentino ni siku rasmi ambayo vijana wengi huoana kupitia kwa ufadhili wa serikali na huwa ni siku ya kupumzika kwa umma.

Aghalabu huwa siku kubwa sana kwa vijana.

Valentine's husherehekewa kwa njia mbalimbali kote duniani. Picha | Facebook


Katika historia ya Valentino nchini Uingereza, malkia Victoria aliamini kuwa kuandika majina kwenye kadi ilionekana kuwa kama ni mkosi. Malkia alibadilisha itikadi hiyo na Waingereza walianza kupeana maua ya waridi (rose) siku ya Valentino. Ua hilo liliashiria upendo.

Wapenzi wawili. Picha | Facebook

Huenda desturi ya kuzawadiana maua ilitokana na itikadi hii.


Nchini Japan, wanawake huchukua hatua ya kwanza kuwapatia wanaume wao zawadi kinyume na sehemu zingine ulimwenguni. Wanaume nao huwapa wanawake wao chokoleti nyeupe na zawadi Machi 14. Siku hii huitwa ‘White Day’.

Chokoleti nyeupe. Picha | Facebook


Katika taifa la  Slovenia, Februari 14 imechukuliwa kama siku ya kufanya usafi viwanjani, almaarufu ‘St. Valentine’s day’. Siku ya mapenzi nchini humo ni Machi 12, almaarufu St. Gregory Day.

• Picha zimekusanywa na makala kuhaririwa na Sam Oduor

Valentine’s Series: Jinsi nilivyompata Betty baada ya kuangusha ‘wallet’

• Malan Mogire ni mwanafunzi wa chuo cha kadri cha Elgon View College, Eldoret. Anasomea uanahabari na pia yeye ni msanii wa densi za kisasa.

Malan anaeleza kuwa alikuwa amevutiwa sana na ulimbwende wa msichana mmoja kwa jina Betty, wanavyosema vijana wa kisasa, crush. Alitanabahi jinsi angeweza kumnasa kipusa huyu mali safi kila alipokutana naye barabarani viungani mwa mji wa Eldoret.

Ila siku kadhaa baadaye, alikutana na tamaa ya moyo wake Betty karibu na mti mmoja wa mukuyu, anakumbuka, na hapohapo akaamua kucheza kama yeye. Anasema aliangusha ‘wallet’ yake makusudi ili kunasa uwepo wake; na Betty bila Shaka aliridhia.

Akamsihi nyuma kumwambia ameangusha bidhaa muhimu. Wakaanza kuzungumza, na urafiki wao ukaanza tangu hapo.

Malan Mogire.

Malan alianza kumtongoza Betty, na wiki mbili baadaye wakakutana na wakaanza kuwa wapenzi.

Malan anasema aliendelea kuvutiwa na msichana huyu kwa kuwa hana maringo kama wengi aliokutana nao; anaelewa shida zake na kuwa kila wakati yupo kwa ajili yake. Mfano ni hivi majuzi alipokuwa hospitalini na mpenziwe amekuwa karibu mpaka alipopata nafuu.

Anaongezea kuwa licha ya kuwa wote ni wanafunzi, masomo yao wameyapa kipao mbele.

Anakubali pia wanapata changamoto lakini penzi lao linazidi madhila yote.

Milan anasema atajaribu awezavyo kumfurahisha mpenzi wake siku ya Valentine’s. Vilevile anawashauri wapendanao kuwa waaminifu kwa waenzi wao kwa kuwa penzi bila uaminifu ni matatizo.

Imetayarishwa na Tom Lutali