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Gospel singer Ringtone announces flight to SA for treatment

Famous gospel artist Ringtone Apoko has announced a his flight to South Africa to further his treatment after he was clobbered by popular blogger Robert Alai who, allegedly, also damaged his car.

The singer disclosed about the trip on Instagram and Facebook and was asking Kenyans to keep him in prayers.

“Breaking news: prayers are needed for your favourite gospel singer headed to South Africa for treatment,” he posted.

Singer Ringtone Alex Apoko books flight to South Africa for treatment. Photo– Ringtone, Facebook

Ringtone and Robert Alai met in court to settle their differences but Ringtone was ridiculed after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions recalled the file for further perusal.

The sensational gospel artist arrived at the Kibera Law Courts in an ambulance, writhing in pain, with his face and hands bandaged.

During an interview before entering the court, Ringtone maintained that he was seriously injured, adding on that he needs further treatment in South Africa.

Jalang’o says he owns six types of cars his peers can only dream of

By Linnet Akinyi

Radio presenter Felix Odiwuor popularly know as Jalang’o is one of the young Kenyans enjoying fruits of their talents and hard work despite their dim educational backgrounds.

In an interview with Buzzroom Kenya, the Kiss 100 radio host revealed that he owns six of the most expensive cars of many people’s dreams as well as several apartments in different towns.

To those trying to approximate his networth to 10 million, Jalang’o hilariously told them off saying he is worth more than that.

“Ten million is worth only one of my cars. Besides, I have six expensive cars; I have V8, Overfinch Mercedes Benz, V-class and a Discovery,” he said.

Kiss FM Radio presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o. Photo – Courtesy

He also claimed that he can’t approximate the number of apartments he owns, including his own house. Some are used for business purposes in different towns, he noted.

Jalang’o had earlier promised to help his companion, DJ Shiti, in building his own house. This was during the launching of former Tahidi High actor Omosh’s house, of which he helped construct.

Newly married TV girl bashed after advising women on how to get a good husband

By Linnet Akinyi

Muthoni Mukiru, former Inooro TV news anchor, found herself on the wrong side after posting a short video on her YouTube channel advising women on how to find a good husband. 

A number of Kenyans reacted negatively to the video because it was posted on the same day she had a traditional wedding. She was also barely two months in a relationship and many thought she is not mature enough to offer advice on marriage.

Muthoni Mukiru with her newly wedded husband. Photo– Courtesy

“You got married the previous night and now you are online advice couples who have been in a long marriage? Stay in your marriage and learn marriage tips first, the advice from experience,” commented one viewer.

“Some things in this life requires procedure. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Let’s review this topic in five years to come. Don’t rush into issues. Listen to other people’s story, starting from Lilian Muli, she even had white chariots on her wedding,” another Facebook user identified as Kiiu commented.

“All men are good especially from the beginning of marriage,” another comment from Nonny Njogu.

“Your marriage has not even born a child. Wait for five years then address the issue,” another comment from a viewer.

Most people suggested that  she should wait and experience marriage then address the issue after.

Kenyan star Larry Madowo receives promotion two months after joining CNN

By Linnet Akinyi

Kenyan media star Larry Madowo has been promoted as international reporter for the CNN. Photo– Courtesy

Kenyan media star Larry Madowo has received promotion two months after joining the American based Cable News Network (CNN) as Nairobi correspondent.

Larry, before making a major career shift to CNN, had been working for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He worked for KTN and NTV before moving to BBC.

He joined CNN this year May. His swift promotion to international correspondent for the media compnay is a surprise to many.

Larry will be working as a correspondent and journalist for Africa. This is a celebration not only to him but also to Kenyans as seen in their reactions and comments. Some say that being single is the only way to success while others want to know the God that Larry serves.