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Woman and her infant died after Lumakanda Hospital denied them life-saving injection for lack of sh 1000

By Sam Oduor

Lumakanda Hospital in Lugari Sub-county is on the spot after a woman died minutes after she delivered a child, who was dead already, allegedly after the attendants denied her a lifesaving injection over sh 1000 only.

The woman’s husband Collins Aradi says the hospital attendants had sent him away for sh 1000 for his wife to be given an injection that would save her and her newborn baby.

“I took my wife to Lumakanda Hospital, she was in pain, they told me to provide sh 1000 for her to be given an injection to make her deliver quickly but I did not have the cash,” Aradi said.

Lumakanda Hospital is on the spot after a woman died for lack of sh 1000. Photo– Courtesy

Aradi claims he was told he would not be served until he provides the fee. He managed to get it and paid, only to be told that his wife and baby had died immediately she delivered.

“After I got the money, my wife was attended to. After 20 minutes, the doctors informed me that my wife had delivered a dead baby. I took it lightly but the second news surprised me. After around 30 minutes I was told that my wife was dead,” Aradi said.

Aradi is crying for justice, saying that he is unable to cover the burial costs.

“I am now alone, I don’t have a father or mother, my father died in 2013 and I buried my mother recently. I only have my brother who is in Form One and I don’t have a job,” a devastated Aradi said, asking for help from well-wishers.

The chief health officer of Lugari constituency Dr. Evans Makokha has however denied knowledge of such allegations.

A woman was allegedly caught red-handed planting witchcraft. This is what happened

• Story by Sam Oduor

It took the efforts of a police officer to save a woman from the jaws of death after a mob cornered her for allegedly trying to plant witchcraft at the doorstep of a rented room in Lugari Market.

Margaret Afandi, who was also accused of being a stumbling block to the development of the shopping center through sorcery, was held captive by Mrs Judith Akolo after she spotted her at her door step on Friday March 13, 2020.

A crowd of onlookers at Judith's door step. Photo– Sam Oduor, File

“I was watching from the window when I saw Afandi putting something at the doorstep. I immediately confronted her, only to discover that she’s the one behind the plot by my husband’s ex-wife to finish me,” an agitated Mrs Akolo said.

Something wrapped thinly, suspected by Mrs Akolo and the crowd to be witchcraft paraphernalia, could be seen lying inconspicuously at a hole leading to the door.

Something thinly wrapped was spotted at the doorstep. Photo– Sam Oduor, File

A police officer from Lugari Centre Police Patrol Base came soon enough and saved Afandi from the mob which was baying for her blood.

The officer was first, however, treated to the climax of the drama when Ms Afandi took to chewing some leaves, which forced Ms Akolo to try getting them out of her mouth but to no avail.

Afandi was whisked away to the police station.

Mrs Akolo intervened after Mrs Afandi chewed some leaves. Photo– Sam Oduor, Files


Mrs Akolo’s accusations were that Mrs Afandi was behind the insanity of her step-son she identified as Collins. She said Afandi was linked to a woman identified as Joyce, Collins’ mother and an ex-wife to her husband.

She claims the two were into destroying her marriage and killing her through witchcraft.

Mrs Afandi being escorted to the police base. Photo– Sam Oduor, File

Ms Afandi, upon interrogation by the police officer while being led to the base, blamed Satan on her predicament. By Satan she  seemed to refer to a woman (suspected to be Joyce) of whom she said visited her home in Maji Mazuri Village in Lugari Sub-location thrice in one week with two other people.

She, however, wasn’t very clear.

Mrs Afandi and Mrs Akolo recorded statements at the police post before they were escorted to Lugari ‘Franks’ Police Station for further action.

Mautuma squatters against move to include ethnic clashes victims on settlers list

By Sam Oduor

Squatters from the Mautuma Central Settlement Scheme in Lugari Sub-county have opposed a move by the government to include victims of the 1992 ethnic clashes in the list of beneficiaries to settle on the once forested land.

Their spokespersons Moses Wanjala Marumbi and Richard Sisa said the land was allocated to around 3,000 squatters who used to work for the East African Tanning Corporation, but not ethnic clashes victims.

This is after the company closed and left them landless until the late President Moi ordered for them to be settled on a 9000 hectares of land once belonging to Mautuma Forest.

A section of the Mautuma Central Settlement Scheme squatters. Photo | West FM

Each squatter was to get at least five acres but they got two each after 1,500 of them settled there.

Mr. Marumbi claims that the 1992 ethnic clashes victims should ask the government to trace their lands since they used to own pieces, instead of demanding to be settled on the forest land.

“Those are IDPs but not squatters and Mautuma Central Scheme land was allocated for squatters not IDPs,” he said.

However, the clashes victims through their group ‘1992 squatters SACCO’ have filed a case in a Kisumu High Court petitioning the government to have them settled in the area. They want their title deed processed swiftly, owing to a 25 years delay.

Etale takes on Savula, Malala for pointing at Raila, Uhuru Nyanza projects

• By Sam Oduor

ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale has dismissed remarks made by Lugari MP Ayub Savula and Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala that ODM party leader Raila Odinga has neglected Western Kenya, despite the region having backed him in previous elections.

Savula and Malala, who are members of the ANC Party, had questioned why the government launched many projects in Nyanza during President Uhuru’s three-day visit but none in Western.

Etale termed the remarks by the two as Wild and false.

“These are wild allegations in the sense that there is not one iota of truth in what the duo said,” he said, adding that the projects were under the national government and would benefit western counties.

“All these are government and not Raila Odinga projects. We urge Kenyans, particularly the people of the Western region, to treat such remarks as groundless only aimed at seeking cheap political mileage. It behoves all leaders to always carry out basic research on issues before making such public pronouncements” he added.

Uhuru and Raila while commissioning the Kisumu Port. Photo | KBC

He went on to elaborate why the projects are all-inclusive of western counties.

“The Kisumu Port is not a local project, it is both regional and national. It suffices to note that just like the Kilindini Port in Mombasa, employees at this Port are drawn from different parts of the country, the Western Kenya region included. Kisumu has been and continues to be a Regional Hub since the colonial days. It is so because of its proximity to Lake Victoria. If Kakamega town and not Kisumu were near Lake Victoria, it would have been made the regional hub”.

His boss Raila Odinga had also downplayed the ‘handshake projects tag’, maintaining the projects are meant to make Kisumu City a regional economic hub and expand trade across the East Africa

ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale and his boss Raila Odinga. Photo | Courtesy




Etale is also wondering why the launch of several flagship projects in Western region last year ahead of the Mashujaa day fete held in Kakamega did not attract similar attention.

“October 2019, Mashujaa Day celebrations were held in Kakamega County at Bukhungu stadium, and the Western region did not attract attention. It is worth noting that, prior to the celebrations in Kakamega, the President held a consultative meeting with all elected and political party leaders from the region where a number of issues were discussed. Additionally, water projects and roads were launched during that time, nobody complained,” he said.
The county government, however, said it solely funded the refurbishment of Bukhungu Stadium and Kakamega County Referral Hospital and not the national government as claime

Lugari MP Ayub Savula. Photo | Courtesy

d by E


The President, in his visit to Nyanza, commissioned key projects in Kisumu before presiding over Madaraka Day celebrations at the Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Kisumu City.

He unveiled the Sh3.8 billion rehabilitated Nakuru-Kisumu Metre Gauge Railway, Sh3 billion refurbished Kisumu port, Sh350 million ultra-modern Uhuru business park, Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium at the Mamboleo ASK ground, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Sports Complex, Inland Container Depot at Kibos and 400kv power project by Ketraco.

The President also commissioned a marine school in Kisumu which is part of the Railway Training In

Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala. Photo | Courtesy