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What effect will 5G have on your health?

By Janet Aisling

The new 5G network, not yet rolled out in Kenya, is imminent;and will no doubt speed up and revolutionize technology as far as smartphones are concerned.

Stated to replace the present 2G, 3G and 4G cellular telephone networks, the new 5G will speed up data rate by 10 times more than 4G. And with this magnificent speed comes a horde of health risks, which researchers have not closed an eye on.

They say 5G is packed with higher energy radiation that could potentially damage essential components in human beings, such as the composition of the DNA– it emits radio frequency radiation that alters the DNA and could possibly cause cancer.

The radiation, more so, causes neurological disorder as well as harm reproductive cells due to oxidative stress.

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Even short term exposure can have fatal results to the peripheral nervous system and the immune system. Research in cardiovascular suggests that long term exposure may mess up with the skin (melanoma) and the eyes (ocular melanoma).

The speedy network can also damage the testes in men and thus sterility!

The fatality and infertility caused by using contraceptives at an early age

By Janet Aisling

Drag close your chair and let’s talk like real women about our health as far as contraceptives are concerned.

Contraception is a highly efficient method for preventing unintended pregnancies. But do you ever realise that early exposure to them may lead to adverse health conditions later in life?

Just like smoking increases the chances of heart attacks and stroke, oral contraceptives in young women can be equally fatal, especially for those who are not yet married or have no kid. Terrifying enough, right?

A simple research on your part will make you agree with me that contraceptives were originally meant for married woman, who are sexually active. The point of concern, however, is that our young girls use them more often than I’d say adults.

How fatal are hormonal contraceptives?

A recent scientific research shows that the use of hormonal contraceptives increases the chances of a young woman developing breast cancer. It can also cause infertility, which developes later in adulthood as a result of suppressing ovulation artificially for a long time.

Contraceptives come with side effects, among them infertility.

There is also an increased risk of developing cervical cancer after prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives.

While using the pills, chances of blood clots especially Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), mood changes, irritability, depression, nausea, headache, painful breasts and spotting are also increased.

Contraceptives and depletion of vitamins, weakening of bones

Depletion of certain vitamins from the body such as vitamin B6 and folic acid is also a possibility. These micronutrients are necessary for all age groups and in developing the body of any teenager.

There is also the weakening of bones due to calcium loss if hormone contraceptives are used for a long time, more so for injectable forms of hormonal contraceptives. Bones may become brittle and fracture easily with some types of contraceptives especially those containing progesterone.

Warning to parents

Parents who administer their children to acquiring hormonal contraceptives are likely to face social concerns arising from health of their daughters in future.

While avoiding early pregnancies may be the main focus, the impact of using a hormonal contraceptive from an early age can have threatening consequences, some of which can be more detrimental to one’s life and career than early pregnancy.