Mautuma ward aspirant hospitalized after assault by goons speaks

By Sam Oduor

A Mautuma Ward aspirant for the Member of the County Assembly (MCA) seat has spoken after days of being hospitalized from attacks by goons.

Salim Namusasi and his driver were on there way home on Friday midnight before they were stopped near Mugunga Primary School in Mbagara in Mautuma, Lugari Sub-county, by a group of unknown people.

The politician says despite introducing himself, the thugs landed on him, fracturing his arm and injuring other parts of the body.

“My driver rushed me to a hospital in Eldoret where I was treated and have been discharged. I now have less severe chest pains and a fractured arm ,” he said.

Mautuma Ward aspirant who was hospitalized after attack by goons has been discharged. (Photo Credits- Joseph Amunya Otieno, West FM)

H added that it is shocking the thugs didn’t rob him.

“I can’t say for sure that is linked to politics but I am shocked they were only interested in assaulting me,” he said.

His driver was admitted at the Kakamega Referral Hospital following the incident.

Mr. Namusasi’s personal assistant Wilson Wanyama believes that his boss’s opponents are working to ensure his downfall.

“We need people with brains and interests of the people at heart. My boss says he is determined. Even though his opponents are after him, he is not backing off,” Mr. Wanyama said.

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