Lugari Primary top student aspires to be a neurosurgeon, wants to join Alliance Girls

• By Sam Oduor

Lugari Primary’s la creme de la creme in the just announced KCPE 2020 says she is not going to settle for less than neurosurgery after completing her studies.

Dorcas Nelima, who is celebrating after leading her class of 74 with 409 marks, has also revealed that she wants to join Alliance Girls for her secondary school studies.

“Alliance Girls has always been my dream school. I also want to be a neurosurgeon after completing my studies,” she said, confidently.

Nelima says that it is through hard work, a closeness to God and passion that she garnered such a high score.

“I really worked hard for this. I cannot also forget my parents and teachers in pushing me forward to success and above all God, who I cannot forget for coming through,” she said.

Dorcas Nelima leads Lugari Primary School with 409 marks. Photo | Family

When asked what she has for those who did not do well in the exams, she had a very important and impressive take.

“To those who didn’t do well I would just say to them that a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. They shouldn’t give up because this is the first step in their success. Failure doesn’t define your future,” she asserted.

How her family received the results

Dorcas’ father George Khasiani says his family learned about her daughter’s achievement last evening after sending a request by SMS as directed by the ministry. He says she has been so diligent, something that warranted her exemplary performance.

The enchanted father attributes the success to God and says it is a more humble moment than it is for jubilation.

“This is the time we are giving all thanks to God. We couldn’t go about celebrating on the road because God has been good to us. In fact more than four of my children have made it to university. This is just one among those great moments we have had as a family ,”he said.

This was supported by her mother Mrs Janet Khasiani, a teacher at Kiwanja Ndege Primary School, who said that Dorcas is self-driven and dedicated to whatever she does.

“My daughter is among the most lovely. During the whole period of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, she used to be with her books almost every time. She is always dedicated to whatever she does. For example, she raised 75 chicks during the school break last year all alone,” Madam Janet said.

The proud mother said her daughter’s performance is not a mere miracle, because she used to lead in zonal mocks and was among the top students in the zonal mocks.

“In fact since her early years in school, Dorcas has always been the first in her class. There is even a time she scored a perfect 100 marks in Mathematics, ” she said, adding, “I have been helping her during the entire period of the pandemic to revise by tutoring her and downloading her exam papers. I always ensured she was busy on something.”

Mrs Khasiani says now that her daughter’s wish is to join Alliance Girls, a burden of school fees lies on her. Apart from being the breadwinner in her family, she also caters for the school fees of Nelima’s siblings.

Comments from the class teacher

Dorcas’ class teacher Mr. Charles Oyosi told Lugari Daily that Nelima is a bright student who deserved better results.

“She hails from a humble background but she did wonders. I am a proud call teacher,” Mr. Oyosi said.


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